Reasons Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money

Blogging is a passion Blogging is money, most of us start a blog by keeping these two points in mind. Failures are part of life, but what if you turned whole career for blogging and fails to make money? That is a horrible question to think.

Most of the Bloggers fail to make money, reasons are so many. I want to discuss some main reasons of unsuccessful blogging career.


Design of the blog is the main point to remember, think when you visit a site with a poorly designed interface. The visitor of the site barely look at content and leaves early from the site.
A website can build with any platform, HTML, WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and many more. Each platform has its own design style and themes. Pick a perfect theme for your blog matching niche.

Use decent and rich colours like white and blue combinations and organize widgets properly on perfect locations.


A poor navigation of a web site may confuse the visitors, because a website can’t build with a single page. As the content of your site increases, you need to focus more on building a menu for navigation. If the people can’t find what they are want to look for they automatically leaves the blog.

Build a decent menu with drop down Sub-categories, popular content management system WordPress offers robust menu builder with lot of options. Create a perfect menu to undersatnd easily.

3.Adsence Position and Placing:

For every new blogger Adsence is dream program to earn revenue. Adsence is a very strict program, you need to follow their TOS before start using it.
Adsence allows only three ads per different type of ads formats.

  • Adsense content unit
  • Adsense link unit
  • Adsense for search

Google Adsense

Adsense content unit:
You can place maximum of 3 content units. Content unit are available in following sizes:
728×90, 468×60, 234×60, 125×125, 120×600, 160×600, 180×150, 120×240, 200×200, 250×250, 300×250, 336×280.

Adsense link units:
Adsence link unites can be merged with your theme and earn a good revenue for you. You can place maximum of 3 link units on a page.

Adsense for search:
You can add up to 2 adsense for search units on a page.

Adsence Positions

Place ads on above, middle and below the post content, along with sidebar and header placing.

4.Create a Brand Image:

Generally if we want to search for a news, information or buy something, we relay on big brands. Branding’s main advantage is people’s trust, if you provide a valuble information, news or sell trust worthy products, design a perfect matching logo and favicon of your site. When a visitor find a useful info or news on your site they try to remember your logo.


For example if i say Google, your mind will generate a colour full logo automatically, that is the power of branding.

5.Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is a vast subject, it is very tough to explain the power of SEO in a single post. If you are visible to search engines then only you get a good amount of traffic to your site. Remember to add meta description, meta name and meta keywords to every post you create. And submit a sitemap to Google Webmasters and Bing Webmaster tools.

If you are facing poor performance of your site in Google and not getting revenue above discussed points are to be considered.


Rahul is the Editor-in-Chief at Thetechhacker, Phone Opinions, and Ask Hacker. After realizing an obsession with technology, he left his job career to write about technology.

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