Customize Screen Awake On App Basis With Stay Alive! Keep For Android

When you are reading something on Android, the irritating moment comes your phone turn off the screen. Most of us for longer battery purpose set very low screen out timings, this becomes problematic when you are in a reading or in gaming mode.

Stay Alive!  

Android device doesn’t have many options to keep awake the screen. Stay Alive is simple Android app to stay awake your screen timings by your choice. After installing this ad-free app from Google Play store instantly you can change the screen out timings of Android device.

Stay Alive! UI

Stay Alive is a simple app which lets you set custom intervals of time on a per-app basis. You can easily set pause, disable or stay alive from the notification tray.

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Customize Screen Awake on App Basis with Stay Alive! Keep for Android

There is nothing more irritating than when your phone screen turns off while using the phone. This is more so the case when you’re reading or playing a very entertaining game. The issue with smartphones is that their battery life isn’t up to standard especially after some regular use. This has prompted many of us to take up measures to help increase the usage time of our devices.

One way that we do this is via the display. We set the display time out to the lowest level possible and also try to keep the screen brightness as low as you can. This is great for the battery, but it can be irritating when using the phone. On top of that, there is really no way to keep the display awake for longer periods of time.

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This is where the app, Stay Alive comes in. The customization that this app offers is amazing. The way the app works is quite simple really. It gives you the options to decide when your screen times out. You get to decide when the display turns on, and for how long it stays on. The customization gets deeper as you can decide for the screen to stay active for some certain apps or when the device is plugged in.

This can allow you to keep the screen active at all times for that reading app or when you’re playing your favorite game. What makes this app so great is that you don’t have to manually mess with the settings all the time. Imagine reading a long eBook, you’re going to need to tap the screen every few seconds/minutes to stop it from turning off.

This can be irritating. Another option would be to set the time out setting to like 10 minutes or an obscene amount of time. This would be great for when you want to read, but other times when you aren’t reading the battery will be drained. This means that you have to keep manually changing the time out settings, which let’s be honest you won’t always remember.

Features of Stay Alive! App

Stay Alive does save you time and effort to still do the things you like without having to worry about your display. Here are some of the features of the app, so that you understand the app better

  • Customization options
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The app does offer you some great customization options such as keeping the screen on indefinitely. You can also configure it on an app by app basis.

  • Disable when the battery gets to a certain level

Stay Alive can also be disabled once the battery gets low on charge. This is meant to help you with your effort to prolong battery life.


There are some other paid features that you can enjoy once you donate to the developers. Some of the features are such as app disabling based on proximity and auto start on boot functionality to name a few. Stay Alive is one of the many great apps that allows you to enjoy a time out free display on your Android device.

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