How To Backup Android Apps Without Root

For the average user, there are plenty of apps available to backup your Android apps. It is necessary to backup apps regularly, there are so many reasons. Experimenting with device like installing new ROM’s, unlocking bootloader, rooting will cause the data loss.

We are here to help you take a complete backup of your Android device apps with ease.

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AirDroid Android Apps Backup


Using AirDroid you can wirelessly manage Android phone from your PC or Mac using web browser. It offers one of the best and easy way to take a backup of your Android device.

  1. First download and install AirDroid app from Google Play Store.
  2. Next, create an account and open the AirDroid web portal in PC. Now authenticate your device with PC using barcode.
  3. In AirDroid web user interface you’ll see list of available options on the left side. Here click on the App icon which will open a a new window showing all the apps installed on your phone.
  4. From the list of app you can choose all or select desired apps you want to backup.
  5. After selecting apps click on the Download button on the top right corner of the window to start backup.
  6. After successful backup AirDroid make a zip file of backup which downloadable on your computer.
  7. The downloaded AirDroid backup Zip file contains all the apps of same version.
  8. Whenever you want to restore simply extract the Zip file and transfer apps to your device and manually install. You can easily install multiple apk files on you device with Mass Apk Installer.
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Holo Backup

Holo Backup

Using the app, you can create your device backup without root. It is formerly called as Simple ADB Backup, it uses ADB backup feature to make full backups of your Android phone/tablet.

Download Holo Backup.

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