Do Your Mac Actually Need Antivirus Software?

Do your Mac actually need Antivirus software? If you search this term on Google you’ll see lots of arguments, discussions, and debates. Finally, you get tired in finding the right answer for your question.

Mac is a prestigious Operating system from the house of Apple. They claim that the Mac operating system is most advanced and secured.

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Is it really true? Probably yes in some conditions. Mac is an OS available for free to download, and works on only Apple made machines. When compared to Microsoft Windows chances of getting malware attacks, infection is very less for a Mac. Windows which is a paid OS from Microsoft, pirated versions of OS available to download in torrent sites. The hackers embed a code in the pirated version of OS, which is easily vulnerable to virus attacks.

Coming to the Mac, Antivirus software’s which supports Mac OS are very few when compared to Windows. But however, any computer is hackable and not exempt from malware, viruses, and Trojans. Even macs security advice states that “No system can be 100 percent immune from every threat”. In most of the cases, Mac gets infections directly from the Internet. It is better to have internet security suite installed on Mac.

Do Your Mac Actually Need Antivirus Software?

It totally depends on your usage, if you are downloading Mac apps from official Mac store and using genuine methods to use apps, you’ll have very rare chances to getting infected.

Tips to follow to avoid Virus infections on Mac 

Final Words

It is not about you have a Mac in home or in office. Factors like sensitive data, high internet usage requires a good Antivirus solution to protect your Mac from malware and phishing scams.

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