Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is the global leader among the browsers. Launched in 2008 and continued to be the most popular browser till now. The google engineers had expressed their handiness in the design and the performance of the chrome. The entry of the chrome affected so many siblings like Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc… The uniqueness in the Speed and Performance made a great role in pulling the browser to the first position of the best browsers list. The Simplicity in the design made the browser give a better browsing speed and user experience than any of the competitors. Today we are listing the Advantages and disadvantages of google chrome browser.

It has a number advantages and a very few disadvantage too. So, we are listing the Advantages and disadvantages of google chrome browser.

Advantages of Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome has a number of advantages to count. Here we listed some of the best advantages of google chrome. So, let’s have a look.

Extremely Fast

When compared to the competitors, Google chrome is an extremely fast browser with a great browsing experience. While the other browsers make out heads rotate according ti the buffering icon on the screen, Chrome showed a difference by performing with high speed even on the small connection speeds. The clean and neat design without any advanced designs reduces the load time considerably, thus. increasing the browsing and total browser speed. The greatly coded API can fetch the websites for near sessions to give a sudden result if you revisit the website again.

Won’t Crash

Crashing is very common if you have used any browsers other than the google chrome. Especially when opening multiple tabs which use a high amount of memory in the system and forces the computer to stop the browser. The chrome also uses comparatively high amount of RAM. But, surprisingly it won’t crash ever. In my personal experience of the 5 years of chrome usage, I don’t remember even a single situation where the browser crashed. In extreme situations like 10+ tabs and video streaming, the browser may show some lags according to the available memory in your computer. But, it won’t crash ever.

Clean and Neat Design

Apart from those childish designs and over designed browsers which use some backgrounds, chrome has a simple and clean interface with extreme neatness. A white background with a google logo and the necessary texts and icons on the front. That’s it. The power of simplicity made true through the chrome design. But, if you want to use some themes or backgrounds, there is also options for that. You can select from a wide range of themes and backgrounds to make it exactly look like as you decide.

Easy Tab Control

The tab control feature made it simpler to manage you Tabs in google chrome. You can rearrange the tab order for a better browsing session or you can even make it a new window by dragging it out of the top bar. You can create a New window by pressing Ctrl+N and a New tab by pressing Ctrl+T.  This is one of the most popular features of the google chrome browser.

Search Made Simple

Google chrome features a simple search box and an Omni box. On the Omni box, you can type both the URL and the search terms. Chrome automatically detects it and serves you with the necessary results. The auto suggestions is a great feature which integrated with the search box of the browser. Chrome automatically suggests the necessary results by filtering our search terms. Being the best search engine, Google can provide the exact results for what you searched for.

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode allows you browse anonymously by hiding all information regarding you. You will be protected by the google’s incognito mode which never reveals your privacy over the internet connection. Thus, you get a complete secure browsing experience. If you are working in a highly unsecured condition, it is recommended to use the Google Incognito mode. In this mode, it will automatically clear all the history and the saved passwords of the current session upon browser exit. To access the incognito mode, press Ctrl+Shift+N.

Disadvantages of Google Chrome Browser

Like any other services, google chrome also has some disabilities. Here we listed some of the very few disadvantages of google chrome browser.

Can’t synchronize

The synchronize feature is not available in the google chrome browser. While other browsers like Mozilla Firefox allow to synchronize the settings and the history on the browser to another one if you decide to move on, google has not included the feature in their browser. This kills the popularity of the browser a little.

High amount of memory (RAM) usage

RAM is such an important resource which affects the system performance to a great extent. The amount of RAM used by various application determines the overall speed of the PC. Unfortunately, Google chrome uses a very large amount of RAM, especially when opening multiple tabs. A very unlikely disadvantage which is a favor to the competitors to lead. On normal usage with 4 or 5 tabs, there is no such big RAM usage. But, if you are simultaneously browsing on 10+ tabs, it shows some lags in performance and a very little stuck. It happens rarely, so not a big problem affecting your browsing experience. But, a problem is always a problem.

Closes Tabs without Warning

You was browsing some important websites or was chatting with your clients and you accidently closed the tab or google chrome browser window. What will happen?. If you was browsing in some other browsers like Firefox, it will show a warning message asking whether to close or not to close the tabs. But in google chrome, you don’t want to wait for the warning message. Because, it won’t give any warnings while you trying to close your window or tabs. Session Buddy is an extension which help you to restore accidently closed sessions. The new chrome update has included automatic session restoration by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T.


Google chrome is the best available browser on the market. The popularity and accessibility of the browser are unquestioned by the tech world. So, if you really want a browser for your computer you should consider the google chrome.

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