Android SD Card File Categories Explained

We see Android devices with various types of internal memory options. Some devices come with large internal memory capacities and some are very low with 8GB options. If you are an entertainment lover the low memory option is not sufficient to maintain data. Ultimately external SD card is the only option to expand the memory. After installing SD card accessing the file types is very easy. If you are facing trouble while knowing Android SD card file categories below guide is helpful to manage.

If you place a new SD card then the Android will automatically create some default folders for images, Android apps, and other purposes. Here is the list of folders you find in Android SD Card.

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List of important Android SD Card File Categories

1.Android: Here the Android OS places some important data files. These are unnecessary for a user and not advisable to edit.

2.Android Apps: If you are using Apps2SD you will see this folder in your SD card. This folder contains the system to SD moved apps.

3.Bluetooth: Bluetooth folder contains your data sent and received images and files.

4.Contacts: Your device contacts will be saved (Optional)

5.Data: Data folder is used to store Data Cache

6.Databases: System database files will be saved here.

7.DCIM: DCIM is used to store the camera captured images.

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8.Documents: Documents folder contains saved documents downloaded from the net.

9.Images: Downloaded images from net stored here.

10.LOST.DIR: Bug documents and lost documents can be found here.

11.Music: It is a default folder to store music files.

12.Rings: Downloaded and App created ringtones location.

13..keepsafe: Location of hidden and encrypted files.

14.System: System files location.

15.Videos: It is a default folder to store video files.

16.cmp: Location to store music files cache.

17.albumart: Location for music files album art cache.

18.thumbnails: Some video playing apps generates images to display the album art in their player. These type of files store in thumbnail folder.

19.Download: Capital letter Din Download is to store files downloaded via The Internet. The small letter “d” is used to store files downloaded via Bluetooth or NFC.

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