Best OTG Cable Tricks You Can Do On Android Devices

An OTG cable came into the limelight after launching Android OTG enabled smartphones. The OTG (USB on the go) is a pretty useful feature to connect your smartphone to various supported devices. The best part of the OTG is very cheap. You can buy a fully functional OTG on online for $3 below.

What can you do with a $3 OTG cable?  In this article, I’ve selected three very important uses of using Android OTG cable. If you have any more unusual uses, please feel free to comment below.

1.Memory Expansion by Connecting an External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive via OTG

No matter how latest smartphone you buy, we always feel low memory. Many of the mid-range and high-end smartphones coming with 16GB or 32GB internal memory options. Some mobiles like Xiaomi they don’t come with expandable memory option, it is like a hell to media lovers. The time has changed, and every movie video clip or music video song is available in HD nad 4K formats. The 16GB or 32GB fixed memory options are not enough to carry a big media library. By using OTG cable, we can connect external hard drive to any size or USB Flash drive easily. All you need is a good File Explorer app on your device and USB debugging enabled mode.

2.Connecting a Game Controller

Playing games on a tiny smartphone screen is a difficult job. We feel finger pain more than we enjoy the gameplay. The Google Play Store is full of action and racing games. If you are looking for the best way to play games on mobile, try to connect Game Controller using OTG cable. Some apps support external controls; you can take the advantage of the feature and turn your Smartphone into a mini handheld gaming console.

Android OTG Cable

3.For Connecting Net Modems

Some Android devices like Tablets lack SIM card support. If you are on a trip or WiFi unavailable area, you can’t connect the Android Tablet to Internet. Using OTG cable, you can connect your USB modem to the tablet. Some Android devices support USB dongle internet; there is a chance to avail it.

4.For Connecting Keyboard

Ever felt bored while typing long messages or emails on the Android phone? A simple OTG cable can connect a keyboard to your Android device. No more painful typing on Android smartphone with this simple trick.

5.For Charging Devices

It is one of the best tricks to transfer battery juice from one device to another. If one of your device facing battery down issues, you can charge with using another device with enough battery charge. It is one of the best tricks to charge a device from another device while you were travelling.

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