How To Add A Recycle Bin To Your Android Device

We usually see and use a recycle bin on our computers. A recycle bin useful for deleting unwanted stuff from our computer. It also acts as a backup place if we accidentally remove any file. The same concept is useful for other platforms too. Fortunately, we can avail this facility for Android platform.

Why you need a recycle bin for Android? The reasons are simple; we can safely recover the accidentally deleted files easily. However, we have a number of programs available for Windows and Mac to recover lost files in Android. But this process needs a PC or Mac, a third-party program, and time. But a recycle bin simplifies your job, and you can directly restore the files from recycle bin.

To add a recycle bin to your Android you have to install an app named Dumpster. Dumpster is a simple app which adds a recycle bin to your Android. To get started, install the Dumpster app from Google Play Store. The Dumpster app carries a very simple user interface,

After installing the app open and here you have to tweak some settings in order to avail its features fully. In the app user interface go to Settings present on the upper left-hand corner and tap on to open. Here, tap on “Protect Settings”. This option allows you to add the number of formats which are allowed to save when you recycle them. You can also schedule the recycle bin automatically erase feature; it has time intervals 1 week, 1 month and 3 months period.

Dumpster App Features

Restore deleted pictures, music files, videos and pretty much almost any file type (pdf, mp3, doc, avi, mp4, jpg, png, rar, ogg, txt and much more
No Rooting needed, but if you do, you get improved performance.
Internet connection is absolutely not required.
Recover uninstalled apps
Restore Dumpster backup files with a single tap.
Preview deleted photos, videos, and audio files before recovering

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Download Dumpster App from Google Play Store


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