How to Get Whatsapp on Tablets

You know that Whatsapp has a sim based activation service to allow the users have an account. If so, what about the Tablets that isn’t coming with a sim card slot? So, we are sharing the method to get Whatsapp on such Tablets. For this, you have to get a new sim card to use as the Whatsapp number. If you are using the same sim card in your smartphone, your Whatsapp account will be transferred to the Tablet and you may lose some data. So, the quickest way to get Whatsapp on tablets is by taking a new sim card.

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After taking a new sim card, insert it in another phone (any phone that can receive messages). Now, it is the time to begin the process. Follow the simple steps given below to get Whatsapp in your lovely tablet even without inserting a sim card in it.

Steps to Get Whatsapp on Tablets

  1. Download the Latest version of Whatsapp in your Tablet. You can download it from the WhatsApp website.
  2. Install it on your tablet by following the steps.
  3. Be sure that you have enabled the Unknow Sources installation. To check this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources on your tablet.
  4. Now, launch the app in your Tablet and follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. Give the new sim card number as you Whatsapp contact.
  6. Once you reach the Authorization screen, it will not authorize automatcailly because there is no sim card on the tablet. So, input the code that you have received in the smartphone which has the sim card inserted.
  7. Once, you have successfully entered the correct code, you will get a normally functioning Whatsapp on your tablet.
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Now, you can  peacefully enjoy the Whatsapp on your tablet without a sim card. No limitations will be there for the tablet version even you are using it without a sim card inserted.

Once you need to do some account related tasks or configurations, you may again need to insert the sim card in some other smartphones to receive messages. Be sure to keep the sim card activated by making some calls or messages at least once a month. As it is a non-used sim card, there is a big chance for you to avoid it completely. Doing so may be not good for future Whatsapp account operations. So, be aware.

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