60 Best Study Websites for Students

The online learning has become far trendy and effective than the book and pen method. Apart from having a 500-page book, there is a wide world inside that small CPU and monitor in your desk. If you are a student and want to explore the wider world of learning, there are thousands of learning websites are available on the internet. They are all including thousands of courses on various fields.

No matter, in which field you wanted a coaching. Whether it is in Music, Science, Programming, Art or anything in your syllabus, there are tutorials in the best study websites for students. It is suitable for any age or level you are in. There are separate tutorials for primary, seconday, the high school, college, or university students. So, we’ve decided to provide the study websites list for you. Have a look and continue learning.

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Best Study Websites for Students for Getting ease their Studies

We categorized various fields and interests of the students in this list. You could find out best of the websites ordered in such a way that to give more importance to the topper websites. We accepted many measures for creating this list such as the user satisfaction, quality of the service, payments, etc. So, it may be a good list to help you. Have a look at them.

Art and Music Learning Sites

Best sites to learn music and arts

If you are Music or Art lover, these websites will definitely help you to gain something important. They are suitable for the students of various ages. Some of them are paid online learning websites, and some of them are free. Have a look at them.

  • Dave Conservatoire – Dave Conservatoire is an online music learning website that provides world-class music education for the students.
  • Drawspace – For those who need to learn drawing or want to improve the speed and creativity, Drawspace is one of the best study websites.
  • Justin Guitar – This website offers 700+ free guitar lessons alongside a variety of premium and paid mobile apps, books, ebooks, DVDs, downloads, etc. It covers almost all parts of your Guitar learning with the descriptive tutorials.
  • Bartleby.com – Classic literature and poetry are the main contents of this website.

Math Engineering and Data Science Study Websites

Mathematic Learning

These websites will open a wider world for exploring the Math Engineering and Data Science study materials for students. They are verified by many trusted universities and colleges all over the world.

  • Codecademy – Codecademy is a website which mostly concentrated on data science and software programming courses. They are especially providing the tutorials for the web-based programming purposes with an in-built coding ground which can be accessed from the browser itself. It is several times listed in top 10 study websites by many reviewers.
  • Stanford Engineering Everywhere – SEE or Stanford Engineering Everywhere includes the classes related to Engineering and Software that are free for students and teachers. There are several materials for helping the students for exams or for helping the teachers for lectures.
  • Big Data University – Big Data University concentrated on Big Data analysis and data science which are available in both Free and Paid forms. They are developed by professionals in the field for helping the students.
  • Better Explained – Better Explained is one of the best study websites for mathematics with visual explanations. There you can find almost anything for your mathematics learning for high school algebra, college calculus, statistics and many other topics.

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Design, Web Design, and Development Sites for Students

Best Studying websites Web design and Developement

Designing and Developing made easy by these websites. We listed some of the best learning websites for your designing and developing needs. They will help you easily grab the information better than completing an entire course.

  • HOW Design University – This is one of the best study website with online lessons on graphic and interactive design. If you would like to teach something, there is also has an opportunity for lectures.
  • HTML Dog – This website is focused on Web development tutorials for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It can help you improve the basics of your coding skills to a Pro level.
  • Skillcrush – Skillcrush is a good site for professional web design and development courses. For those who are passionate in web designing or developing, the Skillcrush is a nice place to start with. It also offers a blueprint for the development of the study for a better analysis.
  • Hack Design – Hack Design consists of numerous designs for Web, mobile apps all are for Free of charge. It is collected from 50+ pro designers all over the world with the help of many best study websites all over the web.
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General Learning Websites for Children and Adults

Learning Websites for Kids

These websites offer General topics for the children and adults who are seeking for knowledge. They cover topics like Lifestyle, Question-Answer, Designing, Programming, Developing, Language, and many more.

  • Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share – Scratch is a good creative learning website for children that put them into the world where there are many basics implemented in a natural and easier way.
  • Udemy – I think, no introduction needed for Udemy. It has been helping millions of the students online for learning and improving their skills in various fields like Programming, designing, writing, developing, etc. It covers a wide range of tutorials and has thousands of lectures to teach you. If you are an expert in something, there is also room for you to grab students with pay.
  • UReddit – U Reddit is a good source of information which is created for the public by the courses by the public. You can find the topics from Science, Programming, Designing and many more there.
  • E-learning for Kids – E-learning for Kids is targeting the elementary school children ages 5-12. The website covers basic topics including math, science, environment, health, language, computer, life skills, etc. The visuals are pleasing and are enough to describe it as the best study website for kids.
  • Ed2go – Ed2go has thousands of online learning courses for adults, and partners. The website collected 2000+ online courses from trusted universities for enrolling the students all over the world in a virtual study environment. For those who need to be a lecturer, there is also has the option for them to teach.
  • GCF Learn Free – GCFLearnFree.org is founded by the Goodwill Community Foundation in collaboration with the Goodwill Industries for helping the people to improve modern skills. The website has 1,100+ lessons and 125+ tutorials covering technology, computer software, coding, reading, math, work and more.
  • Stack Exchange – StackExchange is one of the most trusted study website that has a Question-Answer structure for helping the people. The website is mostly concentrated on the Stack Overflow. Apart from the self-study method, the Stack Exchange true the name by exchanging the questions and answers from Pros on the field.
  • HippoCampus – HippoCampus has a wide collection of numerous middle school through college subjects from NROC Project, Khan Academy, NM State Learning Games Lab, etc. For teachers, there is a free account available on the website.
  • Howcast – This website has general video tutorials housing the categories like cooking, entertainment, and lifestyle, etc.
  • Memrise – Memrise hosts the language related tutorials that are implemented in a simple but effective way. The punchy tutorials are designed in such a way that to make the users enjoy and learn. It can be considered as one of the best websites to study language for students. It is also suitable for other people to explore the wider world of languages.
  • SchoolTube – It is basically a video sharing website for K-12 students and their teachers. There are 50,000+ different schools representing on the website with a huge collection of half a million tutoring videos for the students.
  • Instructables – On Instructables, you can find the topic related to technology, recipes, gameplay accessories, gadgets, etc. in text and video forms represented mostly in a how to format. Mostly they are free of charge but may cost for the project materials to be used alongside for a better clarification.
  • creativeLIVE – CreativeLive mostly housed the topics like photography, art, music, design, entrepreneurship, etc. with many Free and Paid online courses. It is very helpful for the students to be organized their self.
  • Do It Yourself – DIY is mainly concentrated on home improvement with a lot of tricks to improve your lifestyle. It is one of the top study websites for home improvements.
  • Adafruit Learning System – This website can help you learn how to make Arduino-based electronic gadgets. There are a lot of tutorials with study materials are available on the website. You can buy the necessary electronics kits and peripherals from the main site for starting your study.
  • Grovo – Grovo is a website that let you implement the Web applications for work as effective as possible. It contains numerous Free and paid courses on how to implement the web applications effectively on a wide variety of websites.
  • Meritnation – Meritnation offers online tuition classes and tutorials for the students in 1st standard to 12th. Especially, it is considered as the best study website for 10th class and 12th students with all the materials covering almost of the syllabus. There are several other study websites like meritnation are there on the internet which follows the same path.
  • KeepMeOut.com – Apart from a learning website, this will block you from accessing the social medias that lead to the proper studying. It can also block websites for studying.
  • Sleepyti.me – Sleepyti is a website that will help you get proper sleep. So, the website has in indirect impact on your studies.
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General Study Sites for Colleges and Universities

Top 10 learning Websites Online

These are the General websites in various fields that will help you to get the right resources for your studies. It may contain all other topics in other sections of this best study websites for students article.

  • edX.org – The edX is a popular name that offers free subject matter from top universities, colleges and schools like MIT and Harvard. So, it is considered as one of the best study websites for college students as well as for university students.
  • Cousera – Coursera is a learning platform with a lot of university certifications and professional courses to specialize on a specific topic. It covers very wide range of professional courses that are certified by 200+ universities in 20+ countries all over the world.
  • MIT Open Courseware – MIT Open CourseWare has 50+ MIT courses later expanded to many professional courses too. This is one of the most trusted learning website by thousands of students enrolled for getting something special.
  • Lifehacker – Lifehacker is a website that mostly covers the topics like Productivity, Money, and DIY.
  • Open Yale Courses – The website contains courses recorded in Yale College’s classroom which are completely free for the students. The courses can be accessed in various digital formats for a better learning.
  • Open Learning Initiative – Open Learning Initiative contains the materials for students and teachers with a lot of useful stuff for helping the student in studies and the teachers in lectures. Most of them are free of use except some of the study materials that are very rare.
  • Khan Academy – Khan Academy is one of the oldest academies in the world. Like that, their website too is one of the oldest study websites. They offer the materials for students as well as for the teachers alongside the reports for the parent to track the children’s studies.
  • MIT Video – MITVideo houses over 13,000+ talks and lecture videos in over 110+ channels that include mathematics, arts, chemistry, architecture and planning, robotics, biological engineering, humanities and social sciences, physics, etc.
  • Wikipedia.org – Undoubtedly, one of the most depended study websites on the web. It has a huge database which covers almost everything on the planet.
  • Stanford Online – Here you can find numerous free courses which include the topics like human rights, writing, language, statistics, economics, physics, software, chemistry, engineering, etc.
  • TED.com – Technology, Entertainment, and design are the main topics of this website where you can find the latest trends in these fields.
  • Harvard Extension School: Open Learning Initiative – This website includes typical college topics including Arts, History, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc. Probably, it is also a good site to learn something new.
  • Canvas Network – Canvas Network delivers the courses collected from trusted universities all over the world and offers certifications on selected courses online.
  • Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple – It is nothing but a set of three lectures that are very specific about Quantum Physics. They are taken from three presentations by theoretical physicist Hans Bethe.
  • UnplugTheTV – Like the interesting topic, the website covers the interesting scientific topics that will help you better explore the scientific world.
  • Open UW – Open UW is the warehouse of several free online learning projects provided by the UW online division of the University of Washington.
  • UC San Diego Podcast Lectures – It subjects some university course lectures with the study materials to enhance the capability of accepting it to the mind faster.
  • University of the People – University of the People offers free courses mostly. But, some of the certified courses may need a small fee.
  • NovoEd – Nothing different that a good site to study with some useful courses provided by the professionals of the field.
  • MentalFloss.com – Apart from wasting time on the useless websites on the internet, the MentalFloss offers a good container of useful resources that covers the topics like food, culture and science.
  • Study.com – This is a very big website with a lot of materials created by professional teachers on the field.
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IT and Software Development Related Learning

Best Learning Websites For Students

If you are an IT enthusiast or love to be a developer, this software and development learning websites may help you.

  • Udacity.com – With a wide range of tutorials and videos that also offers nano degrees for the users, Udacity is there for a long time. The videos can be stored offline for further access, and the study materials can be printed out for better learning.
  • Apple Developer WebSite – For software developers who want to develop apps for iOS Smartphones, Mac OS X and Safari, the Apple developer website is a good study website to progress.
  • Google Code – Google Code delivers the tutorials for Android app development which will guide you through all the procedures for creating Android apps using the Android SDK. You can also find various coding standards there.
  • Code.org – This is the best study material for those who don’t know where to start coding and how to start. Being one of the oldest tutorial websites on the web, the website can help you for further developments.
  • Mozilla Developer Network – MDN provides guides for Web development in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No matter, whether you are a beginner or a Pro, the Mozilla Developer Network can guide you through the right path.
  • Learnable – Learnable is a venture by the Sitepoint team that offers paid access to their ebook library alongside 6,000+ videos with code samples. They mostly cover software related topics. Certifications and quizzes are also available to make your studies more effective.
  • Pluralsight – Pluralsight offers premium tech and creative training content with 4,000+ courses and 150K+ video clips targeting the individuals and businessmen alongside the institutions covering the topics like IT admin, Web development, data visualization, programming, game designing, and video editing. They are partnered with the Digital-Tutors.com and Codeschool.com for delivering informative content to the users.
  • CodeHS – CodeSchool is a study help website that is mostly concentrated in software development related tutorials.
  • Aquent Gymnasium – As a bonus to this 60 best study websites for students, Gymnasium  is comparatively a smaller site. But has some effective stuff for coding, design, and user experience.

Wrapping Up

Now, we think you have got the answer for your question, How to study online. Online learning is much simpler and better than the traditional methods that may be boring to someone (Especially for lazy ones.) We hope, these best study websites helped you to grab what you was looking for. And Good Luck in your studies.  🙂

Muhammed Swalih is a Blogger by profession who also has a great taste in Web Development, SEO, Graphic Designing, etc.

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