MacKeeper – An App to Master All the Apps for your Mac

Do you have a Mac that takes like eons to start? Is your Mac infected with viruses and your best efforts and software can’t do anything about it? Are you worried about your expensive Mac getting stolen? These are common issues with Mac owners. But you don’t have to live with them. You can simply use MacKeeper and achieve much more than address the above-mentioned concerns and problems.

So here are all the ways the MacKeeper is the perfect ‘keeper’ and guard for your expensive computing machine.

2. Fast_Cleanup


One of the reasons your Mac becomes slow with time is because of the large volume of log files and junk files that clog its memory and hard disk. There are so many types of files that collect and occupy more and more space. This includes:

  • Log files
  • Temporary cache
  • Language packages
  • Legacy app parts

And much more!

The Fast Cleanup feature in MacKeeper has just the right features to address this problem:

  • Binaries Cutter – Helps remove app files which were designed for PowerPC, Intel, and other platforms. Remove these unnecessary files safely.
  • Languages Cutter – There can be very large language files which are not required.
  • Logs Cleaner – Remove user and system log files safely without affecting the Mac functions.
  • Cache Cleaner – Save large volume of space on your hard drive by cleaning the cache safely.

3. Smart_Uninstaller

Smart Uninstaller

Do you know that even if you uninstall an application, its caches, logs and your preferences remain on your hard drive? Why? waste valuable space on your system. In fact, these files can create ‘file not found’ or error logs in the background and thus contribute to slowing down your Mac. But MacKeeper’s Smart Uninstaller ensures that you can uninstall applications completely.

4. Duplicates_Finder

Duplicates Finder – This is another similar feature within MacKeeper that allows finding and removal of duplicate files on your Mac. Another way to save valuable space!

Speed Up Your Mac

This is one of the biggest problems affecting most Mac users. MacKeeper can not only free space on your Mac’s memory and storage, but it can also optimize it for faster loading and performance.

5. Login_Items

Login Items Tool – How many times have you thought if you could control which apps launch when your Mac starts? That’s exactly what Login Items helps you do. You get to view the list of apps, demons, and agents that launch during boot up. You can manage what you want to be launched what not.

6. Update_Tracker

Update Tracker – If your Mac’s security patches are not updated, or the applications are not updated on time, your system can become vulnerable to attacks. But MacKeeper takes care of that as well. It has an Update Tracker that regularly checks the applications installed on your Mac to find out if an update is available. It will also inform when a new security patch is available.

So even if you forget the updates, MacKeeper will ensure that you don’t miss them.

Recovery, Backup & Finding Files

You will find all the tools in MacKeeper, which are required to remain on top of your Mac’s functions and data.

7. Backup

Backup – MacKeeper has an easy-to-use backup tool that allows you to select the files that need backup and the location where the backup is kept. You can also schedule the backup process.

8. Files_Recovery

Recovery – How many times it happens that files get deleted accidently or otherwise, and you realize their importance too late to make a recovery. With MacKeeper’s Files Recovery tool you can recover your deleted files even after they have been deleted from the Trash. All types of audio, video, images, documents and archives can be recovered with this tool.

9. Files_Finder

Files Finder – Many times it happens that you knew a file that you saved/accessed a long time ago on your Mac. Now you don’t remember where you saved it. MacKeeper’s Files Finder tool makes it a breeze to find any file on your system. The tool also allows you to set your predefined search parameters. Search for everything including applications, images, audio/video files, and archives.

10. Default_Apps

Set Default Apps – It is an annoying problem when you open a file and have to tell every time which app should be used to open it. With MacKeeper you can set the Default App for each file type. So no more time is wasting and no more annoyance!

Apple-Certified Tech Support Access

MacKeeper is much more than just having all the tools required to speed up, protect and enhance your Mac’s performance. With this powerful application, you will also get access to Apple-Certified Support Professionals whenever you have any issues with your system.

11. Geek_OnD

Geek On Demand – Whenever you have any issues or queries about your Mac, you can get access to an Apple-Certified Support Professional. Once you submit your query to the expert, you will get a reply/solution within 48 hours.

12. Find_Fix

Find & Fix – In this feature, MacKeeper’s Apple-Certified Support Professional will directly connect to your Mac when you have any issues. They’ll scan your system remotely and fix the problem. You can see the diagnosis and repair taking place in front of you and chat with the tech. You’ll not have to worry about your privacy because none of your data will be collected by the pro.

MacKeeper’s live-chat feature allows you to ask questions to their Apple-Certified techs any time. You get 24×7 support via email, phone, and live chat. So the next time you have a problem with your Mac, you don’t have to worry about it. Just contact MacKeeper’s team.

13. Anti_Theft

Anti-Theft Security

MacKeeper takes things a step further. Do you know that a laptop gets stolen almost every minute? Whether you are at a job or traveling or anywhere else, you cannot always keep your Mac in front of you. But MacKeeper can work as your guard at those times!

You can install the Track My Mac app on your phone or access your Kromtech account, whichever is convenient for you. Once you login, you can always keep track of where your Mac is. If anyone steals your Mac, you can instantly know the location and keep track of it. The information can then be provided to the law enforcement authorities for Mac recovery.

In fact, the theft report will also give you an iSight snapshot of who stole the system. Besides, you can also lock the Mac remotely from within your account or app.

14. Internet_Security

Online Security Features

MacKeeper’s security features aren’t just limited to its anti-theft capabilities. It also works as your powerful Internet security application. Browse the web without any worries. Keep all the viruses, malware, adware, spyware, phishing scams and identity theft attempts out of your system.

15. Data_Encryptor

Encryption & Privacy – How about having the files stored on your Mac encrypted with 2 passwords? Imagine no one else being able to access these files. You can keep them encrypted and even send out to others. If they the passwords they will be able to open those files. The Shredder feature will further allow you of delete these files if you don’t need them any longer.


MacKeeper is your complete Mac protector, performance-booster, security system, and troubleshooting provider. It’s like one app to master all apps. And all this comes at an affordable starting price of just $107.4 per year. There are dozens and dozens of ways this app is going to enrich your Mac experience. There is a total of 16 apps in MacKeeper.

MacKeeper – An App to Master All the Apps for your Mac
9 Overall
User Interface9
Value For Money8.5

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