Pumpic Mobile Monitoring – iOS App Review

One hardly will argue that modern-day parenting has very little in common with what it was like, say, 20-30 years ago. Significantly, such change is the result of explosive technology development in the last couple of decades. Today’s kids and teenagers belong to Generation Z that hasn’t known the world without the World Wide Web and smartphones. Accordingly, parents face the challenge of securing their off springs not only offline but also online as they cannot be around all the time while kids are exposed to multiple digital dangers 24/7.

Pumpic mobile monitoring app can be of a great help providing parents with the information they need to recognize the threat and take necessary steps to avert it.

What is Pumpic

Pumpic is legal mobile device supervising software designed for parental monitoring. It has 24+ tracking options; depending on the operational system (iOS or Android) of the target device & selected Pumpic monitoring solution, the list of things you can oversee with Pumpic app may include:

  • Communications – calls, SMS, MMS, popular instant messengers (Kik, Whatsapp, );
  • Internet activity – browsing history, bookmarks, social networks;
  • Multimedia – photos and videos, downloaded or shot with the device camera;
  • Location data – current whereabouts, the entire route history, geofences;
  • Other – contacts, notes, calendar, etc.

Pumpic is available for two mobile platforms – iOS and Android.


Monitoring Solutions, and Features

There are 3 monitoring solutions. You can check the functionality of all three solutions in Demo mode at http://demo.pumpic.com.

iOS (iCloud) Solution without Jailbreak

The advantage of this solution is that it doesn’t require app installation on the target gadget. Accordingly, you don’t have to jailbreak the Apple device you’re going to monitor – the iCloud (Apple ID) password is enough. You might need physical access to the gadget to check or adjust settings, though.

iCloud solution is compatible with iOS versions up to 10+ and exploits 11 monitoring features, namely:

  • Call history.
  • SMS/iMessage (including deleted messages).
  • Several instant messengers (WhatsApp, Kik).
  • Browsing history and bookmarks.
  • Stored photos.
  • Location tracking and route history.
  • Contacts, Calendar, Notes.

Pretty impressive, we’d say, but not without some drawbacks. For example, Skype, Notes, and Bookmarks monitoring is available only up to iOS 8.4.1. Still, this solution provides the optimal balance between monitoring insights and technical simplicity.

iOS Solution with Jailbreak

As the name implies, this method requires jailbreaking the target Apple device (which means you need physical access to it). Yet, you don’t need to know the iCloud password. Then, Pumpic is installed on the gadget you aim to monitor. The app is visible but password-protected: your kid can’t change settings, disable or delete it without a PIN code.

iOS Jailbreak solution works for iOS versions 6.0-9.1 providing 23 tracking features. Compared to the iCloud solution, extended functionality is achieved by adding:

  • Instant messengers – Facebook IM, Viber, etc.
  • Social networks – Facebook, Instagram.
  • Remote device management options – SMS and website blocking, applications management, SMS commands, geofences, etc.
  • Video monitoring.

Be advised that jailbreak voids Apple warranty. However, it’s completely restorable: you just need to either update your gadget to the latest iOS version or restore it to factory settings. If your device is updated to current iOS 10 version, we are afraid, this solution is not for you as no jailbreak is available for the latest iOS version.

Hence, if you’re ready to temporarily give up Apple warranty to the benefit of your kid’s protection through in-depth monitoring – iOS Jailbreak solution is the option.

Android Solution

Android devices’ users can adopt either Pumpic Basic or Premium subscription compatible with Android 2.2 – 6.0.1. The only difference between them is the number of monitoring features. For the Basic subscription, it’s15, and for the Premium it’s 26 features. Yet, this distinction is crucial in terms of following your kid’s online messaging.

What’s similar? With both solutions, you can view and/or block calls, SMS, visited websites, emails, photos, contacts, calendar. Applications management, location tracking, geofences setting are also available.

What’s different? With the Premium, you can track Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Snapchat (text messages only) plus Instagram and Facebook.

You should also be aware that for some features, both Basic and Premium solutions require rooting the target Android device before the app installation. However, many monitoring options are available even without the root.

Installation Process

Prior to installing any Pumpic solution, you must pick a subscription plan and submit a payment. After that, you will receive a step-by-step setup installation guide for the chosen solution to your email. Instructions are genuinely simple with every act being described in details and accompanied by high-quality pictures.When we test-installed different solutions, we arrived at a conclusion that the key to a stress-free installation is the strict adherence to the guidelines.


In case you run into any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact Pumpic Customer Support Team – their reps are well-trained and thus, helpful. You can address them via email, live chat or phone. The two latter options are available daily from 10 am to 10 pm EST (11 am – 11 pm EDT).

Control Panel App

A mentioned above, the monitoring information provided by Pumpic can be viewed via the web-based Control Panel. However, Pumpic also developed a designated free Control Panel App (CP App) available for iOS and Android. The CP App is indeed very straightforward and convenient but has somewhat limited functionality. There you can check only the most important monitoring info – call logs, text messages, browsing history, contacts, location, and routes. Plus there is just one device management option – lock or reboot device remotely, and it’s available only if the target device is on Android OS.


The price for the Pumpic subscriptions depends on their duration – the longer period you choose, the fewer you pay per month.

The most low-priced solution is a one-year Android Basic subscription – $5,99/month ($63,99/year). Other three solutions (iCloud, iOS Jailbreak, and Android Premium) come at the same price of $6,99/month ($83,99/year). Arguably, this is the best deal on the market among such-like comprehensive monitoring applications.

Shorter subscription plans are also available in the Pumpic Store (for 1, 3 or 6 months), but the price per month increases significantly.

  • Now Pumpic is offering 40% off for every second subscription plan.


Overall, Pumpic is a powerful parental monitoring app with so many monitoring options that only a few solutions can offer. For all that, it comes for a reasonable price for long-term subscriptions. It’s so much easier to prevent cyberbullying, sexting, inappropriate or risky online behavior, even abduction with a reliable tracking software. Parents, who hold the view that children’s safety can be ensured through monitoring and are looking for the effective way to do that, definitely need to give Pumpic a try.

Pumpic Mobile Monitoring – iOS App Review
7.1 Overall
User Interface7.5
Value For Money7

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