How To Get Most Of A Fingerprint Scanner On Android

Fingerprint scanner became most common these days and every smartphone manufacturer is equipping the hardware in their devices. A fingerprint scanner main intention is to provide an extra layer of security to your device. Apart from the authenticating feature, you can use the fingerprint reader to navigate your phone like never before.

Few companies like Google, Gionee, Oppo and Xiaomi already using the fingerprint scanner as a shortcut for accessing notification shade, and capturing selfies as a shutter. A fingerprint scanner fixed at the rear side of the device is quite handy and can be used for the navigating music player, notifications, power options, navigations buttons and much more.

Any Android device fingerprint scanner can do magic. All you need to install some apps on your device. Here are the details of the apps below.

How To Add Gestures To Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Gestures App

Fingerprint Gestures is an Android app available in Google Play Store for free. This app brings gestures to your Android device fingerprint scanner. The app usage is pretty simple, after installation of the app you need to activate the “Enable Fingerprint Gestures” option.

Fingerprint Gestures Modes

After enabling the option, you can add gesture in 3 modes.

  • Single Tap
  • Double Tap
  • Fast Tap (Swipe)

For every mode the options are common, you need to assign different actions for each mode.

Fingerprint Gestures List

You can perform actions by assigning to the above modes.

  1. Icon Touch Panel
  2. Back, Home, Recent Apps
  3. Sleep (root), Power Button menu
  4. Scrolling up and down (root)
  5. Open notifications panel, Toggle notifications panel, Open quick settings, Toggle quick settings.
  6. Play/Pause, Next Song, Previous song (Android 6.0 above only)
  7. Toggle auto rotate, Torch, Toggle ringer mode (Android 6.0 above only)
  8. App, App shortcut,
  9. Search, Screenshot (root), Assistant (root)
  10. Toggle Split Screen and Switch to last app (Available for Android Nougat 7.0 only)

Some actions require root access, and some need Android 6.0 above OS.

The app offers Profile setup for advanced users. You can set new profile or import profiles. This feature work just like sound profiles, you can enable or disable and change the functionality using profiles.

How to Take Photos From Fingerprint Scanner on Any Android Device

As I discussed above, only a few companies equipped the fingerprint scanner as shutter functionality. But fortunately using Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera app, you can turn any Android device fingerprint scanner as a camera shutter.

Dactyl app is available in Google Play Store for free and paid versions. The free version is ad-enabled and paid version offers ad-free usage. Install the app on your Android device.

Dactyl Settings

The Dactyl app is pretty user-friendly and mentioned all the supported and unsupported apps list in the first run. The app supports many popular apps to use fingerprint scanner as a camera shutter. Here is the supported apps list below.

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Prisma
  • Instagram (Nougat only)
  • Google Messenger
  • Open camera
  • Google Camera
  • Retrica
  • Candy Camera
  • Manual Camera
  • BestMe Selfie Camera
  • YouCam Perfect
  • Sweet Selfie
  • Selfie Camera
  • InstaBeauty
  • Camera Super Pixel,
  • Snap Camera HDR and much more.

Few apps like LG Camera, AZ Camera, Cameringo+, Proshot, are not supported by the app. The app is daily adding new supported apps to the list. If your favorite app is not in the list you can request them for support.

If you open any of those supported apps like WhatsApp camera or Retrica camera, you can take a snap by placing your thumb on fingerprint scanner like you unlock your device. This feature is pretty handy to take selfies on big size smartphones without any hassle.

There are few more apps are available in Google Play Store, we will back with more best apps to improve your fingerprint scanner productivity.

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