Top 8 File Manager Apps For iPhone To Manage Files On The Go

Recently purchased iPhone or any other iOS device? You may notice that it don’t have any file manager app to browse or manage your files. Apple iOS ecosystem not allows the users to access its internal file system. However, we have few File Manager apps for iPhone, iPad. Don’t worry you don’t need to Jailbreak your device to manage your files. In this article, I have collected best file managers for iPhone.

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Best File Managers for iPhone


1. FileApp

FileApp is my first choice for iPhone or iPad file management. The app supports a wide variety of file formats such as MS Office docs, PDF files, and even it can play multimedia content. It just works like Windows File Explorer or the Finder on the Mac. The app has a decent user interface; it comes with a pretty neat organizing features. You can sort and organize files by date, type wise.

You can also use FileApp to transfer files between your iPhone/iPad to a PC/Mac. For this wireless transfer between devices, the FileApp uses various protocols like FTP, Transfer over HTTP. For security purpose the sharing is turned off by default, you can turn it on by changing settings in the app. Also, you can set username and password to the app for extra security to protect your files from unwanted persons. FileApp is my first choice when it comes to best file manager app for iPhone or iPad.

Documents 5

2. Documents 5

Documents 5 is my second favorite app to manage files on iPhone. It has many features to manage your files on iPhone/iPad easily. It has a built-in media player, when you browse for an audio file and want to know which song or audio it is you can instantly listen to the file without opening any third-party media player app. Along with, this app also allows you to view your images, PDF reader support and much more features built in it. The built-in browser is pretty useful to download and manage files within the app.

Other great impressive features are integration with cloud drives. Documents 5 apps can connect with cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It is a quick way to browse your cloud files within the user interface of the app. It will also let you create FTP server within the app; it also lets you connect any FTP server.

File Manager for iOS

3. File Manager

File Manager is another interesting app for file management in iOS devices. In a first look, you love the simplicity of the app with a neat user interface. It has a built-in browser to download and manage the files on the go.

File Manager has Cloud service integration. You can connect the cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and much more. It has the ability to open and read MS Office docs, Apple iWork documents, and much more. It also supports iTunes USB file sharing facility; it means you can directly upload your files from PC/Mac to your iPhone/iPad and can navigate the files from iTunes user interface. Built-in search feature is helpful to find a particular file quickly. The app supports the Apple Passcode or Touch ID for extra security to your data on the device.

File Manager (FREE)
Price: Free+

iExplorer Mobile

4. iExplorer Mobile

iExplorer Manager is developed by none other than iExplorer desktop developers. It has almost all features we discussed in the above apps. The app has decent file management ecosystem, web page download options, import pictures, and you can create files within the app.

It has integration support with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and has FTP support with SMB and WebDAV. To keep it secure it has Passcode support.

File Hub

5. File Hub

File Hub is an advanced file manager app available for iOS devices. It has many features to get started; it is one of its kind standalone apps with advanced functionality support. You can create, organize files within the user-interface of the app. The sorting options are a highlight of the app; you can sort according to the filename, size, kind and much more.

The File Hub allows seamless data sharing connectivity between your iOS device to a Mac or PC via WiFi or Bluetooth. The app supports deep search integration for searching files present on your device. You can create a new folder, voice memo, TXT file and even from clipboard data.

For file extraction this app is a lifesaver, it supports a wide variety of files such as ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip, CBR, CBZ, TAR, BZ2, and GZ formats. Using File Hub you can browse your files present on your Cloud services, it supports cloud services like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, Copy, Yandex, and Baidu. It also has FTP support; it supports FTP, SFTPM WebDAV, and Windows SMB. The app is available in App Store for $4.99.


6. FileMaster

As it, the name implies FileMaster lets you manage your files as a master. This app is stuffed with a wide variety of features to manage your files on iPhone. The user interface of the app carries a Windows type look but coming to the features it has a lot of attractions. You can create folders, import pictures and much more.

The app can be secured by Touch ID or Passcode, to keep your files and data from other hands. It is an average looking app with good features, worth to try.

Pocket Drive

7. Pocket Drive

Pocket Drive is yet another feature-rich file manager app for iOS devices. It has built-in archiver, web file downloader, import pictures and videos and can create files. Built-in web browser lets you surf the web seamlessly.

It has sharing options too; you can share files over WiFi file transfer. It also has interesting features like MP3/MP4 play support, document viewer (supports Microsoft Office and PDF files), and can create unlimited files and folders. The app is available for free in Apple App Store.

Files - File Manager & Web Browser

8. Files

Files, a simple file manager for users. This app has lets you to browse net and offers faster downloading speeds. You can pause and resume the downloading files with live progress bar support.

Coming to the traditional features, it has rar archiver; folders support, imports photos from camera roll and multiple format files viewing support.


By checking the compatibility, productive features, I shortlisted the above file managers for iPhone. Still, there are many useful apps available in App store, above apps has some great features that rest can’t deny.

These file managers make your file arrangement pretty easy and hassle free. Please do share your views and comments below. If you know, any good file management app let us know more about them.


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