How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode in Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge

YouTube has some special features, one of them is dark mode. This mode is for those who wants a dark background in the YouTube interface. For regular video watchers, a white and red background is pretty bright and dominating at night. Luckily, YouTube is offering Dark Mode for users like me and you to get a pleasant experience. If you want Dark Mode in YouTube, you have few steps away to get it.

In this article, you will learn How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge browsers.

How To Enable YouTube Dark Mode in Google Chrome?

Updating Google Chrome

1.Open Google Chrome and update it to the latest version. You can check the Google Chrome version by going to Help->About Google Chrome.

2.After updating, open YouTube and click on the Ctrl+Shift+I to open Chrome’s Developer Tools option.

3. Here, click on the “Console” tab, and paste the following command:

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE” and hit Enter.

4. After entering the command, click on your profile in YouTube and you will find a “Dark Mode” option. Click on it and then, enable it “Activate Dark Mode“.

5. That’s it, the YouTube Dark Mode is enabled in your Google Chrome web browser.

How To Enable YouTube Dark Mode in Firefox?

Enabling YouTube Dark Mode in Firefox is pretty much same as Google Chrome.

1. Open Firefox and launch YouTube website.

2. Here click Ctrl+Shift+K to open up “Web Console” developer options.

3. Now enter the below command in the console box.


4.After entering code, refresh the YouTube page in Firefox.

5.Now you will find the Dark Mode option in your YouTube profile.

How To Enable YouTube Dark Mode in Edge?

The process is similar to the both Chrome and Firefox.

1.Open Edge browser and open YouTube link.

2.Now hit the Fn+F12 buttons to open the Edge Developer Tools.

3.Here in the Console tab paste the following code and enter.


4.After doing above step just refresh the YouTube page.

5.Now you will see Dark Mode option in your YouTube profile.

Now enjoy your YouTube with Dark Mode option. The option is pretty cool and liked by many. Please do share your views and tips in the below comment box.

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