How To Improve WiFi Router Signal Strength

WiFi became an essential part of our life. Now we can see a WiFi router in every house for wireless internet connectivity. It is evident that WiFi router comes with a limited range support based on hardware. It is frustrating when we receive poor WiFi signal even it is placed in an open location. If you are facing poor Wifi signal strength and bad reception problems, here are the possible ways to improve your WiFi signal strength.

#1. Place In An Open Location

Well, most of us place routers behind book shelves, Television sets, refrigerators or any significant item that can hide your WiFi router from visibility. It is one of the big reason for your poor WiFi signaling issues. Placing the router behind of an electronic item can disturb the WiFi router signal, the result you may get poor connectivity issues. Look for an open position in your house, mostly at a higher place on the wall at the center of the house to get a uniform signal anywhere in the house.

#2. Use Latest Router Firmware

Many people don’t know that a WiFi router can be updated with the latest firmware. Unlike Windows and Android OS’s which get automatic firmware updates, for routers, you need to search for the latest firmware update on the net using the router model number and have to be updated manually. It is a bit tidy process, but once you update your router with the latest firmware, you can expect a stable connectivity and better signal.

#3. Try to avoid VPN Services

If you are a security concerning person and using a VPN service on your router, you may be experiencing slow net connection. It is a most common problem we see when we mix our router with a VPN service. The problem may cause due to the poor service of a VPN provider, try to change your VPN subscription or completely avoid from your router.

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