How to Secure Your Laptop At Work

Laptops offer most convenient way to work with portability and mobility. At the same time it is an easy target for thieves. You can secure your laptop from thieves with simple steps. Some are software’s and some are tools.

Physical Security:
Physically locking your laptop at your desk is safest thing to secure. You can buy various types of Laptop locks from online store.

Tracking Software’s:
If your laptop has been stolen or you lost it accidentally, How can you retrieve it?. It is best to install a laptop tracking software as a security measure. Try Absolute Software’s LoJack for Laptops and Flipcode’s Hidden and iHound are best Tracking software’s.

These kinds of Software’s uses your IP addresses to trace laptop location. Additionally it capture images using your laptop’s webcam, so you can easily identify the face of the thieve using images. LoJack lets you freeze your computer remotely, create a custom message to display on its screen, and remotely erase files from your laptop.


Data Security:
Backuping all your data regularly is a good habit. Whether your company backs up your data or you do it yourself, keeping your data at secure level is very important. Service like CrashPlan and Mozy automatically back up our data. It back up on locally on internal Hard drive and remotely on servers.
You can also Encrypt your data using software like TrueCrypt. It has 11 algorithms for encrypting your private files in a password-protected volume.


Webcam as a Security Camera:
Now a days every laptop coming with built in Webcam. You can turn your your Webcam as a security camera when you are away from your desk. Software’s like Yawcam and Growl make this possible. Videos are saved locally on laptop’s Hard drive. For better results change the default video saving location to cloud. So you can access those videos when your laptop stolen. You can easily identify the thieves face on saved video footage.

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Laptop Alarm

Laptop Alarm:
Syfer is a free software for Windows users to protect your laptop by Alarm sound. It sounds whenever anyone unplugs the power cable, the mouse is moved or unplugged, or the laptop is shut down.

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