Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Review

Every PC needs a Security suite for protection against viruses and malware attacks. Bitdefnder Internet Security is one of the best security suite available till the date. Technically Bitdefender is ultimate with strong anti-virus engine and database.

Bitdefender is packed with ton of great features including Autopilot mode. Autopilot mode takes care of everything without asking you. It don’t even show a single popup notification in Autopilot mode. This feature is very convenient and silent when you are on a do not disturb mood.

User Interface:

The main user interface of Bitdefender Internet Security carries Antivirus, Privacy, Firewall and Update tabs. At the top it shows the system status using green, yellow and red banners. For notifications it shows small numeric red indicator on four tabs.

Bitdefender Homescreen
You can scroll the tabs using slider below the tabs or you can move to a next page using right arrow. The next page contains Antispam, Safego, Parental Control and Wallet.

On the top left it shows the system current status using colors and on the right side you can access the Events and Settings.

Bitdefender Quick Scan Results


Antivirus is the first tab located on the main Dashboard. When you click on scan now button it shows the list options Quick scan, System scan, Manage scans, Vulnerability scan and Rescue mode. After installing the Bitdefender first I started scanning my computer. Quick Scan taken only 35 seconds where as full scan completed in 90 min. The time depends on your system hard drive size.

Bitdefender File Shredder


The next tab is Privacy, it lets you to delete files and folders without leaving any traces on your system. You can’t retrieve deleted files after using File Shredder even using a robust file recovery tool.

Bitdefender Firewall


Next tab is Firewall, the Bitdefender Firewall offers two-way protection. When you click on the Manage adapters it shows the Network Activity monitor showing Incoming and outgoing connections.

Bitdefender Update


Next is Update, clicking on the update lets you to update virus database online.

Bitdefender Antispam


Antispam tab blocks the Email addresses and domains by using tasks like Manage Friends and Manage Spammers list.

Bitdefender Safego


The Safego is specially designed for Facebook lovers, it lets you to block infected links on your Facebook wall. The user interface and results will be displayed on a browser window, to see the Facebook protection complete details you need to have an active internet connection.

Bitdefender Parental Control

Parental Control:

Bitdefender Parental Control is a strong program, which blocks unwanted websites access from children, using this you can daily monitor your kids online activity. Like Safego the user interface and setting only accessible on online.

Bitdefender Wallet


The last panel in the main Dashboard is Wallet. Wallet simply saves your daily Website login credentials, networks setup details and credit card details. It stores all the sensitive information of your personal and financial details in a secure way.


Personally I tested Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 against some viruses and malwares. It thoroughly scans and removes the infected items and infections. After completing the scan process I checked the system and the performance of Bitdefender, I totally satisfied with results and I’ll give 4.5 out of 5. The AV-Test results are also very good and ranked top and they given usability score 6.0/6.0 .


Autopilot mode.
Password management
Strong Antivirus engine


No mobile security option(Android, iOS).


Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 is a robust suite, and powerful than other products available in the market.

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