How To Charge Your Smartphone While Your Computer is in Sleep Mode

It is a myth that the computer totally sleeps after closing the laptop lid. But technically when the laptop lid is closed the USB ports go into sleep mode. But with a simple tweak you can disable the sleep mode of the USB ports while the computer in sleeping mode. Sounds interesting? Yes, this simple tweak is useful while you were travelling, when you feel your smartphone or any mobile device battery is low, you can charge from your laptop.

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How To Charge Your Smartphone While Your Computer is in Sleep Mode Tutorial

How To Open Device Manager in Computer

To disable the sleeping mode of USB port first, you have to access PC Device Manager.

Device Manager From Toolbar

To start device manager, you can open it by pressing Windows+X button, or you can get it by entering a command in devmgmt.msc.

PC Device Manager

After opening device manager go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers->USB Root Hub. It is achieved by double clicking on the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” to get drop down menu. Here right click on the “USB Root Hub” to enter into to its properties option.

USB Power Management

In the properties window go to “Power Management” tab. Here, you have to uncheck the tab which shows the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. Next, save the window and exit, now after that, you can charge your smartphone or any electronic device which uses USB port for charging can be charged using your PC or Laptop while is in sleep mode.

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Errors and Fixes

If you are still unable to charge your device from sleeping computer you have to fix some issues.

Problem 1:

There might be chances of USB wake support is in off mode.


You can turn it on from your PC or Laptop BIOS.

Problem 2

Sometimes mobile devices start MTP or File Transfer mode when your plug into a computer. Some devices are File Transfer mode don’t allow charging.


Simply change the connection status from MTP or File Transfer Mode to Charging mode.


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