A Complete Android Maintenance Guide

There is no doubt that the Android is most advanced mobile operating system till the date. Android comes in all tastes and flavors, you may be the owner of a budget friendly Android or high-end OnePlus One or LG G3 or Nexus 6 user. It is always advisable to clean the device from time to time in order to maintain its life.

We are here to help you to maintain your Android like never before by using some simple tips and tricks. Follow our complete Android maintenance guide to improving your device life and usability.

A Complete Android Maintenance Guide

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To protect your device from viruses and malware, it is always advisable to use an Antivirus solution. Google Play Store is flooded with a ton of Antivirus solutions, it is very tough to pick the right one. But we selected three popular Android Antivirus solutions to protect your device from hackers, viruses, and malware.

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In order to maintain a Android device in good condition we need to clean regularly to remove unwanted files. If your device is slowed down, means it definitely requires cleaning. Thankfully we have some cleaning apps to clean Android.

Follow our simple guides to regain most of the free space on your Android and clear unwanted files to speed up your device.


Over the past few years mobile internet usage is anonymously increased. With the heavy usage, the battery life becomes very short. Even the company claims 8 or 12 hours battery life, ton of background apps running services and continuous 3G or 4G usage will shorten your Android device battery life.

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By using some monitoring tools you can improve your device battery life and internet usage.


Regularly update your device whenever the new update is available for your installed apps or operating system. Updating firmware or app will increase the device performance and secure your device from bugs.

Regularly Make A Backup

Regularly make a full backup your Android device to rescue from device errors and crashes. A full backup can restore the device to the previous working state when any unexpected problem raises.

Install Only Required Applications

If you have lot of space in your device that doesn’t mean to install all available apps in Play store. Filling your device with apps results slow down and some times freezes. Install only required apps and delete unwannted apps stuff from the device to improve stability.

Use System Default Apps

Most of us rely on third party apps for SMS, Calls and Emails. These apps occupy ton of space on your Android and eats up most of the RAM. Better is to avoid third party applications for basic SMS and Emails checking and calling.

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